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These skills, say the late George “Doc” Thompson, founder and president of the Verbal Judo. Institute, are anything but natural. • “Natural communication is what . Verbal Judo is a great book. Read here the summary and biggest lessons learned from George Thompson. Button to download the summary as. VERBAL JUDO. The Gentle Art of Persuasion. George J. Thompson, Ph.D. Jerry B. Jenkins. Presented by Mark Dreibelbis, Assistant Commissioner, NCHSAA.

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Verbal Judo Pdf

Applying Communication Strategies from Verbal. Judo to Removing a Student from Training. ~Stacey “Ax” Axmaker, Be Crash Free. Empathy absorbs tension. Verbal: Of, relating to, or associated with words: a detailed verbal description. Judo: A sport and method of physical training similar to wrestling, developed in. This books (Verbal Judo: Gentle Art of Persuasion [PDF]) Made by George Thompson About Books none To Download Please Click.

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He was also the man who gave the author his first lesson in Verbal Judo. This term refers to the art of communication, a process that actually has no fixed rules at all. The couple looked at him a few times, but they kept right on arguing. Finally, officer Fair interrupted their dispute and asked if he could use their phone. The couple, thrown off by his request, complied, and their argument broke off.

From there, officer Fair mumbled something into the phone and put it down, feigning displeasure at the fact that someone would refuse his call at 2 a. He then asked the couple what was wrong and reminded them that it was best to be quiet at this time of night.

In the end, the conflict resolved amicably. Observing police officers as they defuse tense situations is the perfect way to learn about communication. That being said, it requires close study.

Even the author was initially puzzled. The author was hungry for more, and so he set out to uncover the structure behind those instincts. During the following years, he observed his fellow officers and took meticulous notes on their approach to communication.

Have you ever been verbally reprimanded by a random stranger for committing some minor misdeed — say, jaywalking on a deserted street?

In fact, there are some common phrases that both police officers and civilians would do well to avoid at all times. Not only does it sound threatening; it also gives no information about why the person should comply.

Verbal Judo: Gentle Art of Persuasion [PDF]

After all, if the rules have a sound reason for existing, you should be able to explain them. For instance, if you want your kids to go to bed at 7 p.

Verbal Judo Key Idea 3: Good communication means understanding where the other person is coming from. Do relationships with other people ever make you feel tense?

Well, luckily for you, such a magic wand does exist. No matter what the relationship, empathy is crucial. Becoming more empathetic will not only equip you to defuse tense situations. It may even help you save lives.

On one freezing, gusty night, the author was called out to deal with a suicide attempt. When he arrived on the scene, he found a man sitting in a bathtub and threatening to electrocute himself with an electric heater.

But this would be arguing from the perspective of someone to whom suicide seems unreasonable.

[Download PDF] Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of Persuasion Updated Edition PDF Online

And so the author told him how horrific it is to die by electrocution, even exaggerating the terribleness. He then went on to list a handful of easier ways to commit suicide. This unorthodox approach succeeded in defusing the tension and, soon enough, the man agreed to get out of the bath. Verbal Judo Key Idea 4: Paraphrasing is another powerful tool, but it requires an interruption.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a conversation with someone who keeps going on and on, refusing to let you get a word in edgewise? How can you politely make these people stop talking without hurting their feelings?

Well, the best way to slip yourself into the conversation is to paraphrase, which simply means restating, in your own words, what the other person has said. However, to be able to do that, you first need to interrupt the person.

This can feel like a daunting task, especially when faced with someone who either just loves to talk or is in an emotionally sensitive state.

Verbal Judo Summary

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Download Verbal Judo pdf ebooks by George J. Thompson

No notes for slide. Book details Author: George Thompson Pages: William Morrow Language: English ISBN Description this book Please continue to the next pageVerbal Judo: If you want to download this book, click link in the last page 5.

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Five Universal Truths of Verbal Judo. I argue that knowing how to talk to people and common sense are the two most important skills for a police officer to develop. These skills can help officers gain compliance from a potentially resistive subject, successfully negotiate a hostage situation, comfort someone who has lost a loved one, gain consent to search people and property, and seek admissions and even a confession from a suspect.

George Thompson over 25 years ago. Doc Thompson was my friend, mentor, and teacher, and he is missed by many. My other mentor, Doug Haig, continues to pave the way.

I thank them both. Michael Schlosser, Ph. Thank you for the opportunity to be a student in the Verbal Judo class.

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